Safe and Efficient Crane Operation Procedure

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Overhead cranes are crucial lifting devices in the manufacturing and construction industries. Operating overhead cranes requires strict adherence to safety and technical procedures to ensure work efficiency and safety for workers. Below is the basic operating procedure for overhead cranes.

Crane Inspection Before Operation

Step 1: Visually inspect the equipment and drive units under the ground and within the crane’s working range to ensure there are no abnormalities or obstructions.

Step 2: Open panel 1E1 -> Close the Aptomat to power supply the crane.

Step 3: Check all button EM.Stop (remote, pendant, panel 1JB1, panel 1JB2) to make sure it hasn’t been affected.

Crane Operation Steps

Operation steps when using the pendant control

Step 1: Unplug the remote control jack from the hoist electrical cabinet. Plug in the handheld control jack. Turn the Stop button 1/3 of a turn clockwise.

Step 2: Wait for about 1 second for the crane’s electrical system to start.

Step 3: Select the slewing directions by pressing the corresponding buttons.

Operation steps when using the remote control

Step 1: Unplug the remote control jack from the hoist electrical cabinet. Plug in the remote control jack.

Step 2: Turn the E.Stop button 1/3 of a turn clockwise.

Step 3: Wait 1-2 seconds for the slewing to start up. Select the slewing directions.

*During crane operation, if an emergency occurs, such as an obstruction on the runway, the operator should immediately press the Stop button (Red button) on the control box, causing the entire system to halt. To resume operation, turn the Stop button 1/3 clockwise, wait for about 1 second, and then restart the crane operation steps.

Monitoring During Operation

Continuous Monitoring: Continuously monitor the crane and load during operation. Pay attention to any unusual sounds or signs.

Communication: Maintain continuous communication with personnel working in the area to ensure safe coordination.

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Overhead Crane Shutdown Procedure

Step 1: Raise the hoist hook to a position that does not interfere with the operations below.

Step 2: Move the trolley to one side of the slewing to avoid obstructing the operations below.

Step 3: Move the slewing boom to the specified position.

Step 4: Press the emergency stop button on the pushbutton box or remote control to cut off power to the circuits. Turn off the main power switch for the crane system.


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