Latest Factory Fire Prevention Regulations (Updated 2024)

5 ton overhead crane

To ensure the safety of production activities and human life, factories must strictly adhere to fire prevention and fighting (PCCC) regulations. Here are the main points of the latest factory PCCC regulations according to the Fire Prevention and Fighting Law 2020 and Decree 79/2014/NĐ-CP: Design safety conditions Construction site Safe distance: Must comply with the […]

Overhead Crane Load Testing Procedure

80 ton overhead cane load testing

Overhead Crane Load Testing is an essential procedure that must be carried out after crane installation and before it is put into operation. It is the final step before the crane is certified and allowed for use. General Principles Applicable Standards: TCVN 4244-2005: Lifting equipment – Design, manufacture and technical inspection TCVN 5206-1990: Lifting and […]

Common Overhead Crane Faults: Causes and Solutions

common overhead crane faults

Overhead cranes, also commonly referred to as cranes, are indispensable lifting equipment in factories, workshops, and diverse industrial sectors. However, over time, these cranes can encounter various malfunctions that not everyone knows, potentially disrupting production schedules. In today’s article, join VINALIFT as we delve into common overhead crane faults, their root causes, and practical solutions! […]

Safe and Efficient Crane Operation Procedure

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Overhead cranes are crucial lifting devices in the manufacturing and construction industries. Operating overhead cranes requires strict adherence to safety and technical procedures to ensure work efficiency and safety for workers. Below is the basic operating procedure for overhead cranes. Crane Inspection Before Operation Step 1: Visually inspect the equipment and drive units under the […]

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD): Definition, Structure, and Working Principle

Biến tần

What is a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)? A variable frequency drive (VFD), also known as an inverter, is an electronic device used to control the speed of three-phase AC motors. It achieves this by converting the frequency of the AC, according to the formula for the speed of three-phase AC motors. To change the motor […]

VINALIFT – Emecco Coworking Space builds a prosperous community

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In the context of a globalized economy, cooperation between businesses not only opens up new opportunities but is also the key to success. Recently, VINALIFT has joined hands with Emecco Coworking, one of the pioneering coworking spaces in Hanoi, to create a promising combination. Specifically, on the morning of March 1, 2024, Vietnam Steel Structure […]

What is an Overhead Crane? 5 Factors to consider when choosing a crane

WHAT IS AN OVERHEAD CRANE? An overhead crane is a significant concept in the industrial and construction sectors. Known by various names such as overhead cranes, hoist cranes, electric cranes, or manual cranes, they facilitate production, construction, and transportation processes. So, what is an overhead crane? This article will help you understand overhead cranes’ structure, […]

QC Gantry Crane – Equipment for lifting containers, buckets, and bulk cargo at large seaports

QC Gantry Crane – Equipment for lifting containers, buckets, and bulk cargo at large seaports With the ability to flexibly load and unload containers at large seaports, QC gantry cranes are becoming increasingly popular among investors today. Let’s explore this equipment with VINALIFT! QC gantry cranes and important points to know What is the QC […]

Overhead Crane Installation Guide

Cầu trục dầm đôi

Overhead cranes are essential equipment for lifting and moving heavy loads in factories, warehouses, and other industrial settings. They can lift loads weighing from a few tons to hundreds of tons, and move them horizontally and vertically. Overhead cranes can help to improve productivity, save time and labor, and ensure safety in the workplace. However, […]

Hydraulic Bucket

Hydraulic bucket are devices that are commonly used in businesses and warehouses to lift and pull products. How does this device work? Let’s find out more about hydraulic buckets in the article below! Types of hydraulic buckets Currently on the market, there are two main types of hydraulic buckets: mechanical buckets and hydraulic buckets. Both […]