Hydraulic Bucket

Hydraulic bucket are devices that are commonly used in businesses and warehouses to lift and pull products. How does this device work? Let’s find out more about hydraulic buckets in the article below!

Types of hydraulic buckets

Currently on the market, there are two main types of hydraulic buckets: mechanical buckets and hydraulic buckets. Both of these types are devices that are used in many factories, warehouses, and hydropower projects.

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Mechanical bucket

This type generally has a relatively simple bucket opening and closing structure with the ability to process, lift, and pull light products. It is often used in cement plants, thermal power plants, etc. Mechanical buckets are operated by opening and closing via a cable.

Hydraulic bucket

This type of bucket is constructed with an easy-to-open and close mechanism thanks to the combination of a hydraulic motor and the device’s remote control system. They are often used in industries: sugar cane, wood production, etc., and heavy industries: loading all scrap, scrap iron, picking up garbage at seaports, and hydropower.

Working principle of the hydraulic bucket

When turning on the power of the hydraulic bucket motor, the hydraulic brake will be opened and cause the rotation motors, reducers to move. This movement is gradually transferred to the cable winding section, pulling the cable along.

When the cable section is slackened down, the pulley also moves. At this point, the cam connecting the two body parts is pushed out, and the bucket will also be widened. The cable is tight, the pulley will move in the upward direction, the body of the bucket will close and vice versa.

Is using the VINALIFT hydraulic grab bucket of good quality?

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