Requirements and cost for installing a 10-ton gantry crane

In today’s world, the installation of a 10-ton gantry crane is a necessity for many factories. However, not all factories have the conditions to install this type of crane. So what are the requirements for installing a 10-ton gantry crane and what is the installation cost? Let’s find out this information in the article below!

Requirements for installing a 10-ton gantry crane

15-ton double girder overhead crane
15-ton double girder overhead crane

Before installing a 10-ton gantry crane, you need to pay attention to the following requirements:

  • Choose the appropriate operating mode
  • Choose the optimal type of 10-ton gantry crane for the working space
  • Build factories with strong, durable columns and beams to ensure the safety of the crane’s operation
  • Have a sufficient power supply for the crane
  • The location where the installation is planned needs to have a convenient area for transportation and installation
  • You need to know how to adjust the structures of the crane and the wires so that they are convenient for the crane in each operation

Costs for installing a 10-ton gantry crane

If you are looking to install this type of crane, you need to find out the following installation costs:

  • Main beam
  • Lateral beam
  • Track system
  • Product movement motor
  • Motor for lowering and raising
  • Power supply system
  • Installation and construction
  • Crane Transportation
  • Some documents and certificates
  • Quality inspection

Price of installing a 10-ton gantry crane

30-ton double girder overhead crane
30-ton double girder overhead crane

In the market today, the price of a 10-ton gantry crane is provided and installed depending on many factors:

  • The crane’s travel motor
  • Hoisting and lowering winch
  • The lifting and lowering height
  • The length of the running track
  • The location and position of the crane installation
  • The horizontality of the equipment

Where to provide and install 10-ton gantry cranes safely and efficiently

The crane is a device used to lift and lower goods and products in factories and large warehouses. When installing a crane, it is necessary to ensure that the equipment is absolutely safe for the user and has a strong and durable structure. Therefore, you need to choose a reputable installation unit with a professional technical team.

VINALIFT Joint Stock Company of Steel Structures and Lifting Equipment (VINALIFT) is proud to be a unit specialized in the production, supply, installation, and construction of all quality and safe gantry crane equipment. With many years of experience in the field of steel structures, production of lifting and lowering equipment, we are confident that we will bring users reliable equipment.

If you want to install a 10-ton gantry crane, please get in touch with us via the website or via the phone number:

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