Quotation and Factors Affecting the Price of a 5-ton Overhead Crane

The price of an overhead crane is not fixed and varies depending on several factors. To obtain an accurate quotation for your crane, consider and determine the following factors:

  • Span – Working Horizontal Length – Workshop Horizontal Length:  The horizontal distance the crane must operate, including the working horizontal length and the size of the workshop, significantly influences the crane’s price.
  • Lifting Height: The height at which the crane must lift and lower goods is a crucial factor. The crane needs the ability to lift to a height corresponding to your requirements.
  • Rail Length – Working Length – Factory Length:  The length of the rails the crane moves on, along with the size of the workshop, plays a role in determining the price.
  • Type of Load – Frequency of Load Capacity Exceeding the Motor Load Capacity per Month:  The type of load and frequency of crane usage also affect the crane’s design and price. If you regularly lift heavy loads, the crane design will differ.
  • Construction Site, Installation Project Location:  The installation location of the crane can impact the cost. Difficult or specialized installation sites may increase construction expenses.