QC Gantry Crane – Equipment for lifting containers, buckets, and bulk cargo at large seaports

QC Gantry Crane – Equipment for lifting containers, buckets, and bulk cargo at large seaports

With the ability to flexibly load and unload containers at large seaports, QC gantry cranes are becoming increasingly popular among investors today. Let’s explore this equipment with VINALIFT!

QC gantry cranes and important points to know

What is the QC gantry crane?

QC gantry crane, also known as container crane, gantry crane, shore crane, or QC crane, is a large crane located at seaports or dedicated container ports. This equipment uses three-phase electricity to load and unload machinery, containers, etc. at ports, sea gates, up to the shore or down to the ship.

Structure of QC gantry crane

In terms of structure, the gantry crane consists of a frame structure, a lifting system, a lifting object, a container frame, a bucket, a magnetic disc, a control system, and safety devices.

Depending on the purpose of use and the scale of each port, container cranes are designed differently to be suitable, efficient, and economical.

QC Gantry crane
QC Gantry crane


In general, QC gantry cranes, including VINALIFT’s QC gantry crane, have the following basic features:

  • All operations involving container stacking, bulk cargo handling, clinker, coal, and livestock feed are controlled from the operator’s cabin installed on the crane trolley.
  • The gantry crane steel structure is a rigid welded frame, box-type structure. The crane is equipped with a lifting frame in the form of a luffing jib for container handling.
  • A tilting device for the lifting frame is installed to adjust the lifting frame to match the cargo placed on the ship’s deck.
  • Hydraulic-electric rail clamps are equipped to keep the gantry crane from moving under a 60m/s swirling wind while in operation.
  • The crane’s safety devices include various limit switches, interlocking devices, braking systems, and emergency stop buttons.
  • The anti-sway control system is computer-controlled to prevent container swaying during trolley movement, ensuring easy positioning of containers and lifting frames.

In addition to helping to increase productivity, and reduce investment costs, QC gantry cranes can also directly generate profits for the using businesses. Therefore, it is not surprising that this equipment is being paid attention to so much.

Common problems with QC gantry crane and how to fix them

Because they must work in harsh outdoor environments, coupled with their large lifting capacity, QC gantry cranes cannot avoid some errors and malfunctions. Therefore, if these errors are not found and resolved in time, it will lead to quite serious consequences.

Here are some basic errors and solutions that VINALIFT would like to share with you. Including:

The crane makes a loud noise above the specified level

When the QC shore crane makes a loud noise above the specified level of 85db, the main cause is the mechanical contact between the wheels, the crane, and the components such as the wheel box, and the moving track.

To fix this problem, you check the alignment of the wheels, the parallelism, and the gap between the wheels and the moving track.

Press the remote control button but the crane does not work

The main cause of this problem is that the On/Off button on the remote control is not turned on or the crane control is out of battery, the power cable is not carefully connected in the electrical cabinet.

To fix this error, you only need to check the connection points in the electrical cabinet or replace the battery.

STS crane
STS crane

The crane is unstable, sometimes receives control signals and sometimes not

This problem is due to the control button or the auxiliary contact point in the electrical cabinet.

Therefore, you only need to carefully check and clean the device to solve this problem.

The motor for lifting and moving is too hot than usual

The motor for lifting and moving being too hot than usual can be caused by the suction coil being damp, flooded, or by using the crane overloaded while the overload protection device is not activated. If the motor works beyond the permissible limit regularly, it will lead to burning and damage of the motor.

To fix this problem, you need to check, clean the suction coil, and dry it if it is wet or damp.

The load slips when lifted to a certain point

The cause of the QC gantry crane load slipping when lifted to a certain point is due to the brake pad of the lifting motor having a problem.

To solve this issue, you only need to check and replace the new brake pad.

QC crane at Tân Vũ port
QC crane at Tân Vũ port

Touching the load, the crane hook feels a little tingling

Check for exposed uninsulated electrical wires.

The electrical part is damaged

Some signs that the electrical part of the QC crane is having problems include:

  • The control panel or display is not working.
  • The crane does not respond to control signals.
  • The crane starts and stops on its own.
  • The crane makes strange noises.

To fix these problems, you may need to replace the damaged or faulty components or tighten the loose wires or connections.

The mechanical part has a problem

Some common problems with the mechanical part of the QC crane include:

  • The crane does not lift or lower properly.
  • The crane moves erratically.
  • The crane makes strange noises.

Most minor faults of QC gantry cranes can be resolved by your company’s specialized engineers. However, to ensure safety and minimize unexpected issues, it is advisable to use lifting equipment from reputable units that provide maintenance, inspection, and repair services, such as VINALIFT.

With professional experience, VINALIFT not only provides high-quality QC gantry crane equipment at a reasonable price but also assists in regular maintenance and inspection during usage.

Choose VINALIFT to free yourself from any worries!


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