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Vision – Mission and Core Values

VISION VINALIFT strategy – sustainable development, striving to become: + […]


VINALIFT strategy – sustainable development, striving to become:

+ The production of non-standard lifting equipment most professional in Vietnam base on international standard.

+ Manufacturer of crane and steel structures in the production chain system of the global mechanical manufacturers in Europe, Japan, Korea.

+ VINALIFT desire to reach the international market, create a Vietnamese brand, represents wisdom and stature pride Vietnam.


For market: Provide products – services with international quality, deep understanding of the environment and the requirements of the product. Besides the value of outstanding quality in any product – services are contained valuable intellectual, aesthetic, authenticity and responsibility to meet the requirements of customers.

For partners: Enhancing the spirit of cooperation and development; committed to becoming “The number one companion” of partners.

For employees: Development professional working environment, dynamic, creative, culture, focus the living of employees, creating equal opportunities for development for staffs.

For society: Balance between business benefits and social benefits, environmental protection; contribute to the support of education activities, demonstrating a sense of responsibility and pride in the nation.


- Trust: VINALIFT protect “Trust” as protecting our honor; always fully prepared implementation capacity and our efforts to ensure the commitment.

- Heart: VINALIFT setup “Heart” word is the foundation; built on relationships solidarity, commitment to grow development together, following rules of law, maintaining ethical, environmental protection, customer-centric.

- Brain: VINALIFT always considered people is an important factor in any action, it is considered creative vitality, leverage development; uphold the spirit of daring to think, dare to do; the policy of building a “learning enterprise”

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