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Gantry Cranes 150/150 Tons – Song Thu Shipbuilding Factory – Ministry of Defense (MOD)

June 10th, 2012, the Company Samsung electronic Vietnam has put into operation the clean room crane system to serve manufacturing telephone in Yen Phong Industrial Zone – Bac Ninh. The project requires the equipment to ensure there is free dust working environment (clean room level to 1000 and 10,000). On the basis of Samsung’s requirements, VINALIFT Company has researched, designed, produced to meet the stringent requirements of the equipment in a highly pure environment requiring.


In order to enhance the capacity service of building and repair military ship, the Song Thu factory took the responsibility of plant’s expanding investment that has been tasked by MOD to meet the requirements for repair and building. To reduce investment costs, the factory has given the initiative to take available trolley system for cranes operation. With the requirements of the investor, VINALIFT’s design team did the research and design successfully cranes of 150/150 tons running on available trolley system. In addition, to make the crane could work on the entire surface of the plant, VINALIFT proposed to use the movement crane that can turn 900 to change the direction of cranes’ movement.



The specification technical of the crane 150/150 tons

-          Capacity : 150/150 tons
-          Span       : 28.8m
-          Height lifting : 24m
-          Lifting speed : 3/1 m/min
-          Traversing speed : 15/5 m/min
-          Travelling speed : 30/10 m/min

The entire cranes were designed by VINALIFT Company, manufactured and selected on the basis of the combination of advanced equipment of the G7 countries; this is also the technical elements to ensure the safe and durable operation of crane. Normally with large equipments, all vehicles were imported from manufacturers around the world. However, importing the whole of a large vehicle to 150 tons will push the cost of the project increase. VINALIFT, with its experience and capacity has been successful in the design and manufacture 150 tons of vehicles on the basis of the main devices of the leading manufacturers in the world with the specific technical parameter as follow:


Specifications technical

-          Capacity: 150 tons
-          Lifting speed : 3/1m/min
-          Traversing speed : 15/5m /min
-          Lifting motor  90kW – SIEMENS – Germany
-          Lifting gear box : SUMITOMO – Japan
-          Wire rope : Ø24mm – Diepa – Germany
-          Hydraulic brake: ZPMC
-          Traversing gearmotor:  5.5 kW – SUMITOMO – Japan

The entire cranes have been manufacturing by VINALIFT at factory – Phuc Dien Industrial Zone Hai Duong and shipping, installed at the Song Thu shipbuilding factory – Da Nang. The manufacturing at the factory helped VINALIFT Company has an active in manufacturing technology and quality control. However, there is a problem with the transportation of steel structures sized oversized, overloaded: 29met long –1.2 meters width – 2.5 meters high. By the experience of the transportation units which have long year’s cooperation with VINALIFT with many projects across the country, there is no longer a barrier, in fact on 18 to 19 June 2012; all cranes were successfully transported to site.
Scheduled to end of August 10, 2012, VINALIFT expected to delivery cranes and put into operation on the occasion of August Revolution anniversary and National day 2/9 in 2012.

*     Photos of gantry crane




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