General Introduction

We, Viet nam steel structures and lifting equipment joint stock […]

We, Viet nam steel structures and lifting equipment joint stock company is brand name VINALIFT.  We are the leading of supplier about designing, fabrication non-standard cranes and steel structures in Viet nam.

VINALIFT head office in Hanoi.



Address: No.3, lane 161, Ngoc Hoi street, Phap Van–Tu Hiep Urban, Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Tel : +84 24 36419469/ 36419471, Fax : +84 24 36419470, Website :
VINALIFT factory in Hai Duong province. 


Address: Plot A1, Phuc Dien industrial zone, Cam Dien ward, Cam Giang district, Hai Dương province, Viet Nam
Tel: +84 220 3545002/ 3545724, Fax: +84 220 3545001, Website:

Our products designed, fabricated base on standard FEM 9.511, DIN 15020, ISO 4301 & TCVN4244-2005, our productions meet special requirements of customer in according to each industrial, each stage of production

Our production designed, fabricated and supply cranes for these industrial as bellow:

1. Shipyard building: Our productions as overhead cranes, goliath gantry cranes with supper span (up to 95m), supper capacity (up to 750 ton), and working in super heavy duty

2. Thermal power plant, hydropower plant: Our productions as overhead cranes, gantry cranes, semi gantry cranes, monorail standard and special monorail for construction hydropower plant. Any handling gate gantry crane to open/close downstream/upstream gate water, Turbine hall cranes… with stepless speed for assembly turbine exactly.

3. Steel mill factory: Our productions as overhead cranes, gantry cranes, semi gantry cranes, monorail standard. Overhead crane to pouring steel handling with high capacity, high speed, harsh environment (high temperature, high dirty, high acid air) and super working heavy duty. Special gantry crane to open steel scrap container with high speed, heavy duty upto super heavy duty.

4. Construction yard: Our productions as overhead crane, gantry cranes, semi gantry cranes, monorail manufacturing prestressed concrete pile, any precast concrete factory with high speed, high capacity, big span and heavy working duty. Special gantry crane for construction high way, metro line which requirement assembly exactly.

5. Light industrial: Overhead crane, gantry crane, semi gantry crane, monorail standard, Jib crane. Jib crane turn 3600, wall Jib crane, mobile Jibe crane.. Jib crane can operation by manual or by motor.

6. Mobile phone, electronic components factory: overhead cranes, monorail erection on clean class room to ensure clean class from 10.000 to 1.000 base on standard 209E-USA.

7. Sea port: hydraulic portal crane to loading dry bulk and container with capacity from 25 ton upto 45 ton and arm reach lifting up to 36m. Lifting height above rail upto 32m, lifting height bellow rail upto 10m.

8. Ware house: Overhead crane, monorail standard, lifting elevator …

9. Trolley and wheel block under brand “VINALIFT”: base on combination of intelligent, craftsmanship of Vietnamese and professional supplier on the world as: SIEMENS motor, PINTSCH BUBENZER brake, SUMITOMO gear box, DIEPA wire rope, MILLER hook… to create productions under brand “VINALIFT”. Our open winch hoist provided heavy industrial and meet requirement high speed, increase productivity, the ability to work in harsh environments, high temperatures, many dirt … with competitive price, spare parts are always available and easy to maintenance.

–  About Fabrication steel structure: we fabricated, transport, erection super non-standard steel structure, super length, supper capacity as requirement from customer as: Lifting ship floor, ship travelling system for shipyard building, supper precast beam concrete,

–   About trade business: we are agency to supply hoist, standard hoist for SUNGDO hoist – Korea, SWF – Finland. We also supply other hoist and component as KONECRANES – Finland, Demag – Germany, Kamuchi – Japan, Podem – Bungari, busbar EUNCHANG T&C – Korea, busbar THAC – Taiwan, remote control TELECRANE – Taiwan… maintenance, improve, replace equipment.

–  About service:  we provide service as bellow:

+ Design consultancy, transportation consultancy, erection consultancy service for cranes, special steel structure requirement, supper span crane, supper capacity crane as requirement of client.

+ Transportation, erection, registration, trading and provide using License for overhead crane, gantry crane, monorail, supper cranes  and special steel structures.

+ Maintenance service, care service, replace component service periodically, Improvement service, upgrading and renewal of lifting equipment.

+ Rental cranes service.

We understand that our advice and provide crane to customer in accordance with industry requirement is extremely important. When selection crane, we should attend to actual conditions of cranes base on production line. Also any choose must be consider these factors: safety, productivity, environment…. Because it determines the productivity, stability, longevity of cranes and especially expect to continuity of entire production line.

Our motto: provide crane to customer with high quality, safety, delivery in time and reasonable price. Our working responsibility and always put customer’s interest first. Our slogan:


Other business:

-         Super market,

-         Rental office, plant for supper market,

-         Car parking, motor service….

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